Learn How It Works

Island Insider lets you control everything. Now you decide the music you want to hear, get alerts for songs you love before they play and win the things you want, whenever you want. We don’t make you wait to be some special caller at a certain time. With Prize Insider, you pick the things you want to win and you do it when your schedule permits. Learn more about Prize Insider & Music Insider below. Then Click…Win… And Listen… To whatever you want with Island Insider.  


Music Insider lets you take control of our music on Island 106, with SONG & ARTIST alerts that let you know when your favorites song is about to play, commercial free TAKEOVER hours, YOU PICK THE NEXT SONG sessions, and VOTING for the BIG 3@3. With TAKEOVER hours every weekday morning at 9:00 and Noon, you get 60 minutes commercial free, and you control every song we play. With YOU PICK sessions, we’ll announce on the air 3 songs to choose from, you log into MUSIC INSIDER and you tell us which one to play. Watch the video to see how it works, and then you’re ready to take control of the music!






Congratulations, you are about to join Prize Insider. You play an important yet simple role here, have fun. While you and your friends are having fun, we will continue to add features based on your feedback that will increase your levels of fun.

Prize Insider is free to join, and rewards you for being socially active. In other words, its a social network and rewards program in one. We like to say; Like it, Tweet it, Pin it, Win it. For every action you take within the system, you earn points. The points you earn can be used to purchase Raffle tickets to win prizes.

There are tons of great prizes to win, and we’re giving them away everyday, Monday through Friday. From time to time you may also find Shopping items and prizes that you can purchase with your points immediately. So get started today and Join, its as easy as 1, 2, 3!

How It Works

  1. When you sign up you earn 500 Points
  2. But, if you sign up with your Facebook or Twitter account you earn an additional 500 points
  3. If later you want to attach your Facebook and/or Twitter account(s) you can earn an additional 500 points
  4. Signing Up + Facebook + Twitter = 1500 points
  5. Likes on any Tile Container are worth 50 points
  6. Comments on any Tile Container are worth 100 points
  7. Bonus Codes, Check Ins, Coupons, Links, Watch Codes are worth 100 points each
  8. Listen Codes, Trivia Questions, and Surveys are worth 250 points each
  9. When your Facebook friends or Twitter followers sign up using their Facebook and/or Twitter account, you earn 250 points each