Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez take post-wedding trip to Paris

Rich Fury/WireImage

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are together in the city of love.

The famous couple was seen in Paris on Friday morning cuddling together in a park. “They were like two teens on a park bench – very loving, very attentive,” a source told PEOPLE.

Affleck and Lopez were later spotted walking around the city with their children. According to a source obtained by the publication, they explored the Marais district and Rue des Rosiers and even took a trip from Seine to the Musée d’Orsay.

This vacation comes less than a week after their surprise wedding in Las Vegas, Nevada. The couple walked down the aisle right before midnight on July 16 at the iconic Little White Wedding Chapel, a few months after publicly sharing their engagement.

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Who could refuse the offer to stay at this ‘The Godfather’ house?

Silver Screen Collection/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Airbnb is giving The Godfather fans an exclusive opportunity to step inside the screen.

One of the mansions used in filming exterior shots of Don Vito Corleone’s estate in the iconic film will be available to rent for $50 a night during the month of August, according to

Celebrate the film’s 50th anniversary while you stay, but do make sure to follow the specific guidelines.

According to Airbnb, only one lucky party will be able to rent the Staten Island home. That party can consist of “up to five guests” who are all looking for a long-term stay from August 1-31. Booking opens at 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday, July 27.

“This is our family home,” the owner wrote alongside the Airbnb listing. “We’re located in a quiet neighborhood, so please, no outside or additional guests at any time.”

With an offer like that, how could anybody refuse?

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Austin Butler felt “a responsibility” to get ‘Elvis’ right

Alon Amir

When Austin Butler signed on to play Elvis Presley in Elvis, the new biopic about the musician’s life, he knew it wouldn’t be a walk in the park to step into the King of Rock & Roll’s blue suede shoes.

“I’ve never felt a responsibility like this,” Butler told ABC News. “Anytime you take on somebody who’s actually lived their life, there’s a responsibility. But with Elvis, it’s something I’ve never felt before.”

The film’s director, Baz Luhrmann, echoed his sentiment, saying it was important to both of them that Butler did not do an impersonation of Presley. “Elvis is the most impersonated person in history. We had to have a person,” he said. “Austin really did fuse his spirit with that of Elvis’. He shows the man, not the icon, you know.”

Butler’s performance as Presley tried to combat “all the misconceptions” of those impersonations – the caricatures and the Halloween costumes – that Butler says make people look “up to him almost in a godlike way” and, in turn, take the singer’s “life out of context.”

“I was just so fascinated by stripping all that away,” Butler said.

Elvis hits theaters on June 24, but it premiered at Cannes Film Festival last month – where it was treated to a 10-minute standing ovation during and after the end credits.

“I’m getting to now see people responding to all the work that we did,” Butler said. “And it just feels so good that people are appreciating and getting to see him in a way they haven’t maybe before.”

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Regé-Jean Page confirms he is not coming back to ‘Bridgerton’ for season 3


Alas, dear readers, I regret to inform you that the Duke of Hastings has no intention of returning to Bridgerton.

Regé-Jean Page, who portrayed fan-favorite character Simon Basset in season 1 of the hit Netflix romance series, recently caught up with former co-star Jonathan Bailey.

Their reunion caused speculation that he may return to the series, but Page shut down the rumors in an Instagram post this week.

“No, I’m not going back to the show,” he wrote alongside a photo of him and Bailey walking the streets of Italy.

“Btw – the papers made that one up. But we had the best, and most stylish catch up I’ve had in a while over some truly excellent Italian coffee and sunshine.”

As for Bailey, he will return to his role as Viscount Anthony Bridgerton for the show’s third season, which begins filming this summer.

Actress Nicola Coughlan confirmed that season 3 will follow the story of author Julia Quinn’s fourth Bridgerton novel, which details the romance between Coughlan’s character, Penelope Featherington, and Luke Newton’s Colin Bridgerton.

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New trailer for comedy ‘Mack & Rita’ shows off age-swapping Diane Keaton

Courtesy of Gravitas Premiere

Oscar winner Diane Keaton is coming back to movie theaters this summer in the new film Mack & Rita.

We got our first look at the comedy in the new trailer that was released Wednesday, which finds a 30-year-old self-proclaimed homebody and influencer Mack Martin (Elizabeth Lail) magically transformed into the 70-year-old version of herself.

Keaton plays the older version of Mack, called “Aunt Rita” to avoid confusion. According to its press release, the film promises to “celebrate being true to yourself at any age.”

Mack & Rita hits theaters everywhere August 11 and also stars Taylour Paige, Simon Rex, Loretta Devine, and Patti Harrison.

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Florence Pugh to star in Zoe Kazan’s adaptation of ‘East of Eden’ for Netflix

David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

Florence Pugh will star in and co-produce the new limited series Netflix is developing based on the classic novel East of Eden, Deadline reported Tuesday.

Zoe Kazan will executive produce and write for the series. This project is personal to her, as she is the granddaughter of director Elia Kazan, who previously adapted the novel into a 1955 film that launched the career of James Dean.

“I fell in love with East of Eden when I first read it, in my teens,” Kazan told Deadline. “Since then, adapting Steinbeck’s novel – the great, sprawling, three-generational entirety of it – has been my dream.”

Kazan also expressed deep gratitude for Pugh’s casting, and for the opportunity to tell antiheroine Cathy Ames’ story.

“Florence Pugh is our dream Cathy; I can’t imagine a more thrilling actor to bring this character to life,” she said. “Writing this limited series over the last two years has been the creative highpoint of my life.”

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Christian Bale didn’t know what the MCU was before playing ‘Thor’ villain

Courtesy of Disney

Christian Bale finally joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the villainous Gorr the God Butcher in the new film Thor: Love and Thunder, but the former caped crusader claims he had no idea what the MCU was before he joined the project.

In an interview with Total Film Magazine that was published Tuesday, The Dark Knight star denied having any reservations about playing another comic book character, saying, “That didn’t even enter my head at all. I’d read that, and people would go, ‘Oh, look at this! He’s entered the MCU!'”

The only problem: Bale didn’t know what the acronym meant.

“I’d go, ‘I’ve done what? I haven’t entered s*** thank you very much,'” he said. “I’m like, ‘The MCU?’ I had to ask what that was.”

Love and Thunder, slated for a July 8 theatrical release, is the fourth film in the Thor franchise. It follows the god of thunder (Chris Hemsworth) on his quest for inner peace, and also stars Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson and Russell Crowe.

Marvel is owned by Disney, the parent company of ABC News.

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The boys of ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ talk relationship wars and season two

Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Prime Video

It’s a battle of the brothers on the new teen romance series The Summer I Turned Pretty, which dropped its first season last week on Prime Video.

Sean Kaufman co-stars as Steven Conklin, childhood best friend to brothers Conrad (Christopher Briney) and Jeremiah Fisher (Gavin Casalegno).

The most sought-after boys in Cousins Beach all gave ABC Audio their takes on who they think Belly, played by Lola Tung, should be with at the end of the series.

Well, almost all of them did. Kaufman couldn’t pick between Briney’s mysterious Conrad or Casalegno’s fun-loving Jeremiah.

“If I say one answer, either way, I’m going to walk out of here fisticuffs with one of them,” he said. “I will say, for Steven, he knows Belly is in love with Conrad. Jeremiah, that’s a shocker.”

Naturally, both Fisher brothers took the time to defend themselves.

“Conrad understands that he has a lot to learn,” Briney said. “I think he understands that he needs to work on himself. And I think that’s an important thing for someone who you want to be with.”

Casalegno went in full force for Team Jeremiah, arguing that “what you really want in a relationship is to be with your best friend, not with, like, sparks at the moment, because those are only temporary. And I think that best friendship will last you a lifetime.”

While we don’t know who Belly will choose when it’s all said and done, one thing is for certain – the series has been renewed for season two. Briney teased what he’s most looking forward to in the show’s second season.

“I’m excited for the happy ever after to be shattered, because that’s not a real thing,” he said. “This isn’t the end of all their relationships, it’s the beginning. There’s so much more to be learned.”

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Jenny Han, Lola Tung on the “magic” of ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’

Dana Hawley/Prime Video

Get ready for a comforting coming-of-age at the beach.

The new teen romance series The Summer I Turned Pretty drops its first season Friday on Prime Video.

The seven-episode binge follows Isabel “Belly” Conklin, played by newcomer Lola Tung, a 16-year-old who finds herself in a love triangle between two boys who just so happen to be brothers.

It’s based on the series of books by To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before creator Jenny Han, who told ABC Audio that throughout the show’s casting process, she just knew Tung had to be Belly.

“I knew Lola was right when I couldn’t stop thinking about her,” Han said. “I really felt like there was something sort of special about her that made me just care about her and want to watch her on-screen.”

Similarly, Tung found there was something special about Belly. “She’s only a couple years younger than I am. I think that her story and her character are such a wonderful portrayal of teenage girlhood and all of the emotions that you’re feeling,” Tung said.

“I related to that a lot,” she continued, “because I’m 19. I’m not too far off from her age, and I remember those feelings. And I still feel most of those feelings.”

Many of Belly’s emotions center around the boys of the love triangle – Conrad (Christopher Briney) and Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno). And, as far as the relationship wars go, Tung doesn’t lean one way or the other, but she’s looking forward to seeing the fans’ reactions.

“The beauty of it and the magic of it is that everyone has their own opinion and their own take on it,” she said. “I’m excited to see what people think, but I think there’s special things about both Conrad and Jeremiah.”

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Zendaya wishes boyfriend Tom Holland a happy 26th birthday

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Zendaya is clearly Tom Holland’s biggest fan.

The actress wished her boyfriend and Spider-Man: No Way Home co-star a happy 26th birthday in a celebratory Instagram post on Wednesday.

“Happiest of birthdays to the one who makes me the happiest,” Zendaya wrote alongside a black and white photograph of the couple cuddling and smiling.

The post is reminiscent of the photo Holland released last year on Zendaya’s birthday, when he seemingly made their relationship “Instagram official.” On September 1, 2021, Holland shared a behind-the-scenes photo of the pair in their Spider-Man costumes, accompanied by the caption, “My MJ, have the happiest of birthdays.”

Both posts are rare public acknowledgements of their relationship, as the two have often expressed the importance of keeping their personal lives private.

“I’ve always been really adamant to keep my private life private, because I share so much of my life with the world anyway,” Holland told GQ in 2021. “A moment that you think is between two people who love each other very much is now a moment that is shared with the entire world.”

Zendaya echoed his sentiment, saying that “when you really love and care about somebody, some moments or things, you wish were your own … I think loving someone is a sacred thing.”

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