Island 106 can be found on 105.9 FM, the frequency of Top 40 Radio in Panama City for 30 years.

Format – Contemporary Hit Radio / Top 40

Audience – One of the largest and most loyal listening audiences in the greater Panama City area, reaching ten’s of thousands of people every week!

Listener Profile – 60% female/40% male; primarily between the ages of 12-34 with a secondary concentration of Women 18-44

The Power of Island 106

» Island 106 core listeners are young & active with disposable income. They represent the up and coming generation of buying power and are more likely to buy mobile phones, CDs/DVDs, automobiles, appliances and furniture; dine out at sit-down restaurants; actively use the Internet; and enroll in college or tech schools

» Island 106 Account Executives will deliver an effective advertising plan to build top-of-mind awareness and grow market share. Take advantage of our “best of class” creative spots and interactive web/email/text platforms to drive results.

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In its sale of advertising time, this Station does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, national origin, or ethnicity. This Station will not accept any advertising placed with any intent to so discriminate. In placing an order for advertising time on this Station, the Advertiser stipulates and certifies that it is not buying air time on this Station for any unlawful discriminatory purpose, and is not placing an order for time on this Station — as opposed to on any other Station — for any such unlawful discriminatory purpose.